In Class Writing: ” Writing in the Arts? Why?

Art and Design colleges open a pathway to an expressive and creative language. We, the sculptors, illustrators,communication designers, and computer animators are the translators of this language. Art is a universal language that everyone has the opportunity to understand. There are different translations of art; a written paper is in the same category as paint on a canvas. The basic communication of writing is learned by all significant professions. Artists and designers are not excluded in this matter. Art and writing are both languages of the world.

Art and design colleges require a writing classes because it is a skill that is important for anyone to take a step into the professional world. It is important for communication and the execution of ideas. Written words can be creative and can move people, and send a message just as well as a piece of art can. The administrators of a college know that writing is the basis of communication. In order to let yourself be heard in the real world, you must write!

A writing class will be beneficial in future because it is also a form of creative processing. Artists should be able to describe what they feel and what there work means; not only on a canvas but also on paper. It is important to translate the purpose of your work in multiple ways. The more a person’s writing skills improve the more power they have as a creative individual. In the professional world writing is essential. Your ideas must become universal and it must reach people on different levels. It is substantial for a person in the art and design world to be able to give a person the opportunity to experience and understand your work in more ways than one. Writing can explain what the eye cannot see at first glance.


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