Jackie of Harris

December 1, 2009 by sashamasha

“Getting to Know Jackie Harris”

A Slight smile apparent with hair like fire

I met Jackie of Harris who seems Caring and Kinder

Reigning from Connecticut a land of the north

A girl more complex with many kinds and sorts

An artist no doubt with dreams in many colors

She expresses her essence through her own line and form

Jackie laughs at the cold and bathes in the storm

She would rather wade in the ice than experience the norm

Jackie is brimming with compassion

She hides it beneath not like her fashion

Many friends she obtains

with her dearest of comrades trust is sustained

She adores a fine walk without trepidation

she admires the earth’s natural beauty from nation to nation

Jackie drapes her room in ribbons

She decorates her life with loveliness and precision

Jackie keeps her friends close and her Kin far away

Her siblings Haley, William, and Mason aren’t allowed in her way

She enjoys filling her ears with music of a different generation

the sounds of the oldies match her jubilation

Although she doesn’t play she enjoys games of sport

She will skate and on the ice she will thwart

Jackie is not a buyer beware

She Will dine with her friends and won’t give a care

Jackie is a determined worker

She has a thick skull and not much can hurt her

However she is not encased in steel

certain peeves will pester and make her feel

She will not except the picking of fingers

She dislikes the taste of pickles which lingers

Jackie is not one to roll around in the pastures

green grass is the poison of her eyes it will blast her

Jackie is a secret nocturnal creature

Her eyes stay wide open while the night tries to sleep her

Jackie will wear a dress

She will jeans

She will t-shirts

and blouses with ease

It will be the day of the dead if she is seen wearing shorts

She will laugh at the follies and disasters of life

With a sound so light and sharp as a knife

Jackie will mock at the strange and berserk

Some would Call her a saint some would call her a quirk

Jackie is resourceful and will accomplish her most daring of dreams

She will not surrender her wishes as hard as it seems

There are no doubts that she is meant to make great pictures

she will eventually work for Dreamworks or Pixar

Jackie wants it all

the biggest joys in life

she wishes to have a lucrative career

she wants to be a wife

My introduction with Jackie was more than I expected

I learned much of her persona through just a few questions

There’s more to her than the eye can only dane to see

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