Final Reflection on Writing Studio

In writing studio I belived that I went through changes as a writer. I believe that my skills have grown in terms of my sentence structure and tranistions. My personal voice and writen expression has improved as well. The writing I’ve done this semester reflect this. My work has gradually improved over the last fifteen weeks. My research paper was written better than my Process paper. I learned from each mistake that has been made to help myself improve. I feel better about my writing today than I did a few months ago. I believe that writing studio has helped me to improve the way I express my thoughts on paper. My writing is also more clear and concise. I have always loved writing and I now feel that it should be easier to write some sucessful work.

I was happy with my final critical review of Blink I believe that it did a nice job of expressing my feelings about the book and how I percieved the author’s important points. My Process Analysis paper is something I am proud of. It needed some adjustments but I was pleased with the overall result and message that it sent to readers. It was the most difficult for me to write and to edit. It was also my favorite.The final draft of my research paper had some strong points and was well put together in the end. The research paper is a good example of how my writing has improved within sentence structure and personal voice. My favorite homework assignment involved writing a poem about someone new in the class. It gave me a lot of creative freedom and I really enjoyed writing it. I enjoyed the assignment the most that involved writing in a few different perspectivesl; an old man. A little girl, and a youn man. The assignmets I least enjoyed involved summarizing the handouts we were given in class. I felt it would have been more benficial to just read them througly instead of summing it up. I thought the homework improved my writing and my reading evaluation skills. It also helped with my cretive flow. The homework and and in class writings that I chose were my favorite projects. I believed that they involved creative writing and inviduality as a writer.

I would advise the next group of students to do their assignments in a timely manner and to do the best jobs they can on the process analysis and research papers. This class did meet my expectations and helped me improve what was needed for as a writer. I believe this class followed through with the course policies quite well. As a class we met the demands of academic and professional writing by using rhetorical knowledge, critical thinking, reading and writng We became adjusted to short informal in-class writing assignments. We were able to complete regular homework writing assignments. We learned how to analyze, practice, and evaluate different kinds of reading strategies. We learned how properly revise and edit. We also learned how put together essays with various academic genres. We learned how to use various research tools, and how to develop our own research system. Overall I thought writing studio was a sucesseful experience for me and I will take what I learned with the next four years and beyond.


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