“Blink: A Critical Review”

I found Blink in a word; eye-opening. The introduction immediately captured my interest. As an art student the topic of the ancient statue Kouros interested me immensely. The speculation of its authenticity drew me in. I felt that it taught me a lesson about first impressions and how they can be completely misinterpreted. The lead into the initial seconds it takes us to judge something is a captivating topic. We never realize how fast we judge or make decisions even though we do this every second of every day. The introduction and first chapter of Blink made think a little more about the quick decisions that I make. The first chapter was full of experiments that seemed to innocent but they grew to have a much deeper meaning. I thought about the first two seconds it takes me to decide whether or not to eat a cookie, whether or not I should start the assignment right now, if I should go buy that shirt or not, or if I should go say hello to that new person. The introduction and first chapter of Blink made think deeper about quick decision making and how it can make a huge difference in the day of a life.“

The Internal Computer” described by Gladwell is something that I agreed with. I have also been curious about computers some day being so much smarter than humans. We do have a quick and at times, robotic response to decisions. I agree with Gladwell’s opinion in this matter that only way thata human could have survived for so long is because we have developed another kind of decision making thats involves making very quick judgments. Our quick decision making skills can save our futures, our present, and our lives. The quick reaction of moving out of the way of the speeding car includes our decision tactics. We are unlike deer that stop and stare at a moving car about to hit them. I was pleased to read that Gladwell understands that not all choices are made so quickly. However I disagree with this: “ decisions made very quickly can be every bit as good as decisions made cautiously and deliberately.” There are quick decisions that can turn out well such as my decision to go up and introduce myself to a person who may hire me. You can also decide to choose to make a turn while driving that may cause an accident or take longer for you get somewhere.

You can make a quick decision on a multiple choice question and you could get it wrong. When I had to choose Ringling College of Art and Design or Savannah College of Art and Design for my future destination, I had to take my time. I thought it over for two weeks after being accepted to both and I am very pleased with my decision. I feel that quick and long decision making is not in black and white but in many shades of gray. Thin slicing is a topic I found questionable at first. How can you gather enough information about a couple through a short video and discover whether not they will stay together? According to Gladwell thin slicing is an accelerated form of recording information and decision making. Gottman believes he has proven that you can understand a couples situation in one sitting. Gottman believes each couple had some sort of morse code and speech pattern. By knowing what to look for in these codes he finds an important episode in their relationship. He knows what to look for and is able to find out the truth. I am not sure if everyone has that capability unless they are specifically trained. Gladwell was able toconvince by surveying someone’s room you can find out who the person it. You can do this whether not you are familiar with the person. There is a new type of morse code being used that our natural instincts are able to decipher. Gottman tested random observers with the marriage videos and they were able to predict with eighty percent accuracy. Am I convinced of the inner workings of thing slicing? I may need to take the test myself to be totally persuaded.


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